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Increase Traffic With Google AdWords

Increase Traffic With Google AdWords

The most widely used method to advertise online is Pay per Click. Google AdWords leads the pack due to the popularity of its search engine and that fact that sponsored results from AdWords campaigns appear within the search results. Various other Internet marketing techniques exist to drive traffic your website. They include blogging, social media websites, forum posting, internet video, press releases, email lists, article marketing and much more. However, these methods are all time consuming and there is no guarantee that you will increase traffic to your website. With Google AdWords, you can expect to receive traffic within minutes of starting your AdWords campaign.

In addition to the near instantaneous traffic generation ability of an AdWords campaign, Google AdWords allows you to track the performance of your campaign. You can easily measure the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns using a range of tools provided by Google. These include the reports tab and the account snapshot & campaign summary page. These two tools make it possible for you to customize information for marketing campaigns, keywords and your whole account in general.

Through conversion tracking and Google Analytics, you can check the success of your ad campaigns, monitor reports and make changes where necessary. Some of the parameters that these tools use to report data include:

  • Clicks – you are able to tell whether customers are clicking on your ads.
  • Impressions – this is a measure of the number of times your ad has been displayed irrespective of actual clicks.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) – CTR is a measure of the number of times your ad is clicked by customers. It is expressed as a percentage arrived at by diving the number of times your ad has been clicked over a given period with the total number impressions over the same period.

Google AdWords advertisers bid for keywords. Google displays the most relevant ads on publisher websites. When displaying ads, Google examines two main factors:

  • Bids on Keywords – before you start your AdWords campaign, you must bid on the keywords you are targeting. You specify the maximum Cost per Click (CPC) you are willing to pay for the keyword each time a potential customer clicks on your ad. Before displaying the ads, Google looks at all competing bids and displays those with the highest CPC first.
  • Quality score – in addition to keyword bids, Google also calculates a quality score to gauge keyword relevance to specific searches and thus fix a time and placement of your ads.

Google AdWords is possibly the most powerful Internet marketing tool of our time. A well-conducted AdWords campaign can explode your profits in a relatively short time. Unfortunately, most people fail to get it right and do not to reap the full benefits of Google AdWords.

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